About Us

Drenlia Inc. was founded in 2015 to provide services in the information technology field.

Technical Support

This website has been redesigned and developed as a platform allowing end users to connect with technical specialists that want to offer IT support services. The booking platform allows end users to schedule appointments in advance and setup online meetings with an IT support specialist for later (link provided via email) resulting in a one on one screen sharing and troubleshooting session.

You can find pricing information in the booking section when you click on “Get Help“.

A list of supported systems and environments can be found here

This list is used as a guideline. Our range of supported systems is much wider that what is mentioned but for anything not listed, we will evaluate on a case by case basis to determine if we can help or not.


Having over 25 years of experience, Daniel Desrosiers, the founder and CEO of the company has cumulated extensive knowledge in: cloud services, datacenter management and operations, infrastructure, operating systems, networking, web hosting and much more. Since a very young age and until today, he is a technology enthusiast.

IT Partner(s)

With more than 10 years experience in the technology field, Francesco has worked amongst several industries – Advertisement & Marketing, Education, FinTech and held several positions at all levels: Service Desk Analyst, On-Site IT Engineer, IT Associate, IT Specialist, Network and Security Specialist, Senior IT Consultant.

Tristan Desrosiers plays the role of IT support specialist outside business hours for Drenlia. Officially, Tristan is a Developer currently building his career in the information technology field. He provides development services to Drenlia from time to time.

Our Mantra

Team Work • Simplicity • Transparency